Are there different types of nicotine?

Yes. Be prepared, it may take a little while before the preferred strength is developed. For those new to vaping, the following table gives an idea of where to begin:
If You Smoke Use
A pack a day 12 mgs – 18 mgs of nicotine
Half a pack a day 6 mgs – 11 mgs of nicotine
Occasionally 0 mgs – 6 mgs of nicotine
Salt Based MG
Low 25mg – 35mg
High 40mg – 55mg
How do E-Liquids work?
First, transfer the E-Liquid into the filler bottle that has the needle on the end. Make sure to secure the lid tightly so there are not any leaks. When filing the cartridge, make sure to insert the needle along the side rather than down the middle, otherwise it will clog. Fill the cartridge with the E-Liquid. Next, the atomizer heats up the liquid and creates a vapor.
How much E-Liquid does the average person use?
This amount definitely differs from person to person, but the average user generally needs anywhere between 2-5 ml per day. A 10ml bottle of E-Liquid therefore lasts anywhere between 3-7 days.
What flavors of Vape Juice are available?
There are literally thousands upon thousands of flavors to choose from. There are fruity flavors, coffee flavors, cereal flavors and just about anything you can imagine!
Are there menthol flavors?
Yes, there are menthol flavors of E-Cig juice as well.
How should E-Liquids be stored?
All E-Liquids should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool and dark place. Make sure to pay attention to the expiration date and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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