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X-Treme Smoke & Vapor offers a wide variety of CBD brands and products, including CBDialed tinctures, Hemp Bombs Gummies and Capsules, Purlyf CBD Cartridges, and CBD Flower. Stop into any of our stores to check out our premium selection of CBD products!

Purlyf CBD Vape Cartridges

Uplift: Sour Diesel

Take Sour Diesel for an uplifting and energizing effect. Its taste is earthy with a pungent citrus.

Balance: Pineapple Express

Take Pineapple Express for a soothing and balanced effect. Its taste is sweet an tropical with cedar and pine.

Relax: OG Kush

Take OG Kush for a therapeutic benefits like inflammation and stress relief. Its taste is woody with hints of lemon and blackberry.

Our Products

All natural terpenes. No fillers, No MCT oil, No PG/VG. No Vitamin E, Full spectrum CBD distillate. Purlyf CBD offers the best in alternative health products.

CBDialed Tinctures

CBDialed only sources the highest quality ingredients to create their collection of CBD products. Their products are NON-GMO and PESTICIDE FREE with all-natural flavoring.






Stoney Branch Ag Ventures

Practices benefiting the planet. Products benefiting the people.

Stoney Branch Ag Ventures cultivate, cure and package all CBD products in-house on their 5th generation family farm.

Craft Hemp Flower

Available in both Cherry Wine and Magic Bullet varieties. Cherry Wine is good to enjoy for feelings of clarity and relief. Magic Bullet is commonly enjoyed in the evening to sooth and relieve anxiety and stress.

Packaged in a Bag or Pre-Roll

Buy our flowers packaged in a bag or buy our pre-rolled products. Our pre-rolls make it convenient for you to carry and enjoy whenever you please!

We Have Lots in Stock!

Come visit X-Treme Smoke & Vapor to get your selection of Stoney Ag Ventures hemp flower products. Try out their cbd varieties today!

CBDialed is Safe & Beneficial for Pets

CBDialed CBD products use MCT oil which stands for medium-chain triglycerides and is gentle for pets. They are derived from coconut oil, so it is easy on your pet’s digestive system. MCT oil also does not have an off-putting flavor so you can be worry-free about introducing this product to your pet.

Muscle & Joint

Helps reduce muscle and joint stiffness or pain in your pet.


Helps to relieve anxious and destructive behaviors in your pet.

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