Hookah & Hookah Accessories

Some hookah pipes come with one hose, while others have many attachments. The amount of hookah hoses depends on how many people will be smoking the water pipe (or hookah) at one time. It is typically a social pastime.

Hookah tobacco differs from other tobaccos. Hookah tobacco ferments in fruit until it forms almost a molasses-type consistency. Then it goes into the bowl of the hookah. Unlike traditional smoking, the goal with hookah pipes is not to inhale the smoke. It is more about enjoying the experience and variety of flavors. There are a wide range of hookah flavors available, ranging from fruit to mint and everything in between. We always have a large selection of flavors in stock to try! Visit our stores in Janesville or Delavan to see what we have to offer.

How to Care for Your Hookah
It is important to clean the Hookah after every use. Not only does this preserve the life of the hookah, but it also ensures that the smoker will have an enjoyable smoking experience every time. Cleaning it is easy; all that is needed is a cleaning brush for the base, a stem brush, baking soda, lemon juice and paper towels. First, combine a mixture of three part lemon juice and one part warm water in a small bowl and soak the hookah pipes removable parts such as the bowl and ball bearing. Then, rinse out the base with water, then with the same lemon mixture, and then one last time with the warm water. Use the cleansing brush to really clean the inside of the base. Use the baking soda and water. Rinse with warm water and let dry on the paper towel. Clean the stem using the stem brush and baking soda as well. To clean the hose, first determine if the hose is washable. If not, simply spin it around to empty all excess moisture. Rinse washable hoses with warm water and hang to dry. Remove soaking parts from the lemon mixture, rinse with warm water and let dry. Once all parts are dry, the hookah is ready for storing or use.

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