E- Cigarettes

How E-Cigarettes Work

When a smoker puffs on the mouthpiece, the action triggers the atomizer to heat up the liquid and cause a vapor. If the e-cig is manual, then a button needs to be pressed to activate the heating device to cause the vapor. The vapor is then inhaled as a normal cigarette or cigar would be, only without the smoke. The “liquid” is available with both nicotine and nicotine-free options, and it comes in a wide variety of brands and flavors. There are multiple strengths, ranging from something similar to an ultralight or mild strength, to a bold. The flavors available for e-liquid are endless, so make sure to read reviews and sample a few before you make a purchase.
Pod System VS Box Mod

When you are shopping for a battery, the two main factors you will need to consider are longevity and the size. While a smaller style battery will closely resemble a traditional cigarette, it will not be able to hold a charge for as long. To avoid the inconvenience of charging a battery throughout the day, we definitely recommend a larger size battery.

For a more simplistic approach, check out the Kanger Subbox Mini-C mods! These clearomizers combine an atomizer and cartridge, and this includes a glass tank. This feature allows the user to see where the liquid levels are.
We suggest trying out a variety of cigars at first to see which type you prefer. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to help you!

Why E-Cigarettes are Popular

As mentioned before, most e-cigs are tobacco free, and therefore have gathered the attention of people who are trying to quit smoking. Another big draw is the savings. Many smokers are looking for other, more affordable, methods of smoking as opposed to traditional cigarettes due to the cost. This is where electronic cigarettes or roll your own tobacco are perfect alternatives.

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