Roll Your Own Tobacco and Cigarette Rolling Machines

We are one of the few local shops that still offer roll-your-own cigarette tobacco and cigarette rolling machines. Stop in and experience a wide variety of flavors including our very own “House Blend.” We carry the major brands including: Good Stuff, Gambler, and 4 Aces.

This tobacco is perfect for those smokers wanting to customize their own cigarette.  Use one straight type, or create your own by mixing flavors. Not only will you save money, but you will also have a more enjoyable smoke. Below are a few of the tobacco brands and cigarette accessories you will find here at X-Treme Smoke & Vapor:

4 Aces

This premium tobacco comes in Regular, Gold, Silver and Mint varieties. Enjoy the amazing aroma and smooth taste this tobacco has. Choose from a 6-ounce bag, or a 1-pound bag.


Gambler tobacco comes in a variety of flavors and sizes and is made right here in the United States. Choose from flavors ranging from rich and smooth to a nice mild blend. Gambler sells in either a 6-ounce bag or 1-pound bag.

House Blend

Try our very own “House Blend” of premium pipe tobaccos! This unique blend, crafted from the taste and experience of the X-Treme Smoke & Vapor family, provides the perfect cut and moisture level for rolling the best cigarettes.  Try any quantity of Bold, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Silver varieties or mix them together for a personalized blend!

Tube Cut Filter Cigarette Tubes

We offer a wide selection of cigarette tubes including: Zig Zag, Hot Rod, Gambler Tube Cut and Premier Brands, and we carry all the accessories needed for you to create the ultimate smoking experience. Here you will find the perfect cigarette case, lighter, and cigarette papers. Stop in to our store to find Top and Premier Filter Tips along with Swisher Sweet and White Owl Cigarillos.

We carry a variety of cigarette rolling machines that are sure to speed up your processes.  Choose from a hand-rolling cigarette machine, a hand-held slide injector-rolling machine or an electric cigarette rolling machine. Any one of these rolling machines will help to get you a more consistent cigarette and even smoke, every time.

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