Tube Cut Cigarette Tobacco

Gambler Tube Cut Cigarette Tobacco is nationally distributed by Republic Tobacco. It is offered in 0.35oz. pouches and 1.5oz./3oz./8oz. bags. Tube Cut is the name that Republic chose to place on tobacco products that utilize a production process whereby the tobacco is expanded with air. This process provides an easier ‘rolling’ procedure and has become quite commonplace in the production of RYO cigarette tobacco.

Gambler Tube Cut Cigarette Tobacco is offered in the following blends:

Tube Cut – Full Flavor: your standard rich full bodied flavor.
Tube Cut – Turkish: a medium to full flavor blend.
Tube Cut – Gold: a mellow mild to medium blend.
Tube Cut – Silver: an ultra light variety that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.
Tube Cut – Menthol: a smooth full flavored Menthol.

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