The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco and cigarette tobacco is a North Carolina tobacco manufacturer providing high quality pipe and cigarette tobacco for the consumer market. Grown and manufactured in the USA.

The Good Stuff tobacco is a broad mix of tobacco products with distinct flavors made from high quality tobacco. Each bag of The Good Stuff pipe tobacco goodness is re-sealable, ensuring your tobacco never dries out and stays fresh.

The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco comes in 6 Unique Flavors:

Good Stuff – Red: a classic full bodied pipe tobacco.
Good Stuff – Gold: somewhat of a milder flavor than the Red blend.
Good Stuff – Menthol: a smooth full flavored Menthol.
Good Stuff – Menthol Gold: somewhat milder than their standard “menthol.”
Good Stuff – Silver: a smooth, elegant taste on par with much more expensive pipe tobacco brands.
Good Stuff – Natural Pipe Tobacco: a traditional tasting pipe tobacco (Preservative and Additive Free) but a step down in strength from the standard Red.

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